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Become more flexible and stronger, faster!


Follow Joseph Pilates' recipe to become more flexible and stronger, faster!

Joseph use to encourage his clients to do two reformer (Pilates apparatus) classes and one mat class per week. Most people don't have access to a reformer, therefore the "Reformer on the mat" class is a brilliant alternative! Your body will love you for it. You will feel energised and uplifted by the end of the class.

2x per week - Reformer on the mat

1x per week - Any mat class of your choice

Come and partake in this new and exciting challenge to energise, strengthen and stretch you!

For members only, go to:

- On-demand videos

- Scroll down to "Bonus classes"

- Click on "The Contrology challenge - Reformer on the mat"

Not a member yet? Send an email to and ask me for a 7-day trial then we set you up to try out all the various exciting Live and On-demand classes.



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