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Happy holidays & Reformer classes

Hello all my wonderful past, present and future clients!

Summer has finally returned! I'm loving every moment of the warm sunshine and I hope you are enjoying it too.

I've uploaded previous sessions on the Live page for this week as I'm taking some time off to enjoy the much needed sun. I'll be taking another week off later in August. Also, if you see some individual days (Monday 26th July so far) where the classes are scheduled for a different day that week, that's because I'm covering Pilates Reformer classes at various studios during the summer holidays period.

Do you know someone who lives in or near Guildford in Surrey? If you do and they might be interested in Pilates Reformer (big apparatus) group or 1-1 classes, please put them in contact with me then I can arrange a trial class for them at one of the studios I work at. Or, when you come this way at some point, come say hello and treat yourself with a Reformer class with me :)

For my current clients, thank you for your continued loyalty! To those still on the fence, ask for another 7 days trial and we'll set it up for you.

Warm regards,


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