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Lower back pain & headaches?

Unexplained back pain and frequent headaches? A tight psoas is the most common culprit. It pulls the pelvis out of alignment and causes imbalanced musculature. Other muscles in the pelvis and hips are also connected to the psoas, so those, like your hip/piriformis/bottom muscles, might tighten as well.

How does the psoas get tight?

- Bad posture habits and/or;

- Stress. The psoas is like a storehouse for emotional energy. When you experience stress/trauma and it's not dealt with, it often gets stored in the psoas and it tightens.

Why headaches?

The top part of the psoas is connected to muscles in the neck called the "suboccipital group of muscles", which is connected to the eyes. So, when your psoas becomes tense, it pulls all the way up to the eyes, which causes tension headaches.

The solution?

There are various muscle release techniques for the psoas, those muscles in the neck and other muscles which are connected to the psoas. Therefore, this week I've started with a Mini-session series called "Tight Psoas", which is about 20mins. I will upload a new Mini-session every week until the series is complete. Do a Mini-session daily until you start to feel better, then you can do it less frequent.

Please let me know how you're getting on with it.

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