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New! Mini-sessions Subscription & Free trial

Little time to exercise? Try the new Mini-sessions Subscription during your free 7 days trial!

Mini-sessions (20 minutes):

Before you start

- Pre-Pilates exercises

- How to imprint correctly in Pilates

- How to use props for Kyphosis (rounded upper back); Lordosis (backwards tilted pelvis); Flat back; Swayback; Bow legs; Knock knees; Hypermobility

- Why you struggle with the Roll-up

Week 1 - 5

- Mat only

- Magic circle

- Small ball

- Reformer on the mat

- Foam roller

Pelvic floor sessions

Plenty recorded sessions and more added weekly

Nerve release sessions

Plenty recorded sessions and more added weekly

Bonus Mini-sessions

- Tight Neck & Shoulders

- Muscle Release with the foam roller

- Stretch & Release for Desk Posture (rounded upper back after a day at your desk).

Which other mini-sessions would you like in the bonus section? Send your requests to or via the Contact page on the website, click on

I have already received requests which I will film and upload next:

- Warm-up for Gholfers

- Warm-up for Runners

- Improve your Balance

Click on to start your 7 days free trial.


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