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A big thank you to Moira for this fabulous and spontaneous testimonial. It warms my heart and it's very encouraging to hear such brilliant feedback.

Hi Hesti,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still enjoying your classes and to share a story with you.........

On Sunday, where my shoulder blade meets with my ribs I had pain. It was painful when moving in certain positions. Sunday night I hardly slept as every time I turned over (which I do a lot in my sleep) the pain woke me.

On Monday morning I was feeling tired and it still hurt so I decided to do last weeks beginners class on the roller. I was very careful, went slowly and carefully but found I could do most things, even roll-ups, although it did hurt a little with them. I was careful to take my time and do everything in a controlled way.

When it got to the muscle release I did extra ones on my side releasing under my arm and also took longer to roll over my shoulders.

When I finished I couldn't feel the pain at all!! It had gone! I was fine all day and slept really well.

I can feel it a little today so after my mini pelvic floor session, I used the roller again.

I just wanted to let you know that it would have been very easy for me to not do the session on Monday as I was so tired. However, I'm so pleased that I did.

Pilates has been a life-saver for me. In the 20 or so months that I have been doing the online sessions with you, I haven't had any injuries (I used to get shoulder/neck pain and also in the front of my hip). My husband has commented on how my posture has improved and I no longer slouch or sit with rounded shoulders. I feel great and look forward to my 4 sessions a week (Pilates Beginners and Intermediate, Pelvic floor and Nerve gliding). It's easy to be dedicated when the results are so obvious.

So, I suppose I wanted to say a big THANK YOU. Don't know what I'd be like without it.

Moira x


For those who are either online members or attended my in-person classes in the past, I will really appreciate more testimonials to use on my website. Please email it to:

Have a lovely weekend.

Hesti Xxx

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