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Tight Calf Muscles?

Tight calf muscles are often the result of:

- Muscle fatigue, or

- Dehydration, or

- Stress

Calf cramps are usually the result of electrolyte abnormalities such as magnesium deficiency, or previous injury to the muscle.

Discovering the underlying cause is always the best start to recovery.

If the underlying cause of your tight calf muscles is muscle fatigue or stress, then this NEW Mini-Session for Tight Calf Muscles is just the thing for you! During this 25min session, you will learn various MET techniques to release both the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, which make up the calf muscles.

With which tight muscles are you struggling with? Let me know, then I will look into creating a mini-session specific to your problem.

Not a member yet? Have a look at the Welcome video and also what sessions are on offer in the membership area. Not enough time for full classes? You now have the option to choose the Mini-session-only subscription here: A discounted Yearly subscription option is available for Full Premium membership. Try before you buy? Try the no-obligation 7-day free trial today.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Hesti Jordaan

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